Image: Our Printer

What was our Solution shared in Part-I?

"Instead of accepting defeat, as we went through this sequence not once, but multiple times for both tapes and marker, we decided to try a black paint, which we felt would be darker and would form a more clearer film. As we visualized, painting that section of the cartridge with the black paint addressed the issue immediately, and the printer was hacked back to working conditions. What was more surprising was that even the color cartridges worked when we tried printing a summer form that included colored pages. 

We still don't know the longevity of this solution, but it was certainly a solution that resolved our immediate needs serving multi purpose of extending the life of cartridges, retaining the printer for more time, while also reducing waste and GHG emissions in the process."

For more details, see above link.

How Effective has been this solution until now?

Since we addressed this issue, we were able to print a set of documents counting to more than 55+ pages including colored documents, which in this day and age of going paper-less, turned out to be the number of pages that we usually printed over the last couple of years or more. Even these documents had to be printed out to meet unusual and unique situations, which required mandatory printing of these documents.

What is our inference so far?
Our solution appears to have served the multipurpose of, 
  • avoiding unnecessarily throwing cartridges out prior to full usage (as of now),
  • extending the life of the current printer by extending its utility, 
  • most importantly, during these Covid-19 and unusual law and order situation prevalent across the globe, this solution enabled to print out key documents in a timely fashion right at home