To the People of the United States of America:

 1. There are 435 seats for House of Representative (HoR) positions and 100 Senatorial seats.

 2. Each state has two Senator seats and the number of HoR seats vary based on the state (Source: - Please see below for the complete distribution.

3. As of Oct 2nd, 2020, the Senate was controlled by the Republicans and the HoR by the Democrats. 

4. In addition to these two major parties, there were several other parties that contested in this election. Can you name them?

5. The average age of Senators is around 63 years, and that of HoR is around 58 years as of Oct 2nd, 2020.


6. Do you know how many Senators and HoR were hospitalized for chronic Covid-19?

7. Do you know how many people in the US died of Covid-19 since this outbreak?

8. What is the connection between age, Covid-19 and the politicians?

The two major parties with all kinds of collusion that could happen behind the scene is dominated by long-term politicians. Among the current crop of politicians, the average term of service among HoR is close to 9 years and that for the Senators happen to be more than 10 years. While these politicians have been pointing fingers at each other, the current plight of the supposedly most-sophisticated country spending more than 3 trillion dollars in healthcare can't be due to one person or one party for the fact that many of these politicians have been there for ever. 

Don't you think this country needs quality parties to support the majority of the people rather than rely on two parties with what appears to be diagonally opposite viewpoints? If you do agree, please work together to identify a better solution for the future.

Please think, guys. Maybe, the change at the helm that appears to be the case as of now might be the stepping stone towards an overall betterment of the entire system in the coming years.

U.S. congressional apportionment
state representatives
Alabama 7
Alaska 1
Arizona 9
Arkansas 4
California 53
Colorado 7
Connecticut 5
Delaware 1
Florida 27
Georgia 14
Hawaii 2
Idaho 2
Illinois 18
Indiana 9
Iowa 4
Kansas 4
Kentucky 6
Louisiana 6
Maine 2
Maryland 8
Massachusetts 9
Michigan 14
Minnesota 8
Mississippi 4
Missouri 8
Montana 1
Nebraska 3
Nevada 4
New Hampshire 2
New Jersey 12
New Mexico 3
New York 27
North Carolina 13
North Dakota 1
Ohio 16
Oklahoma 5
Oregon 5
Pennsylvania 18
Rhode Island 2
South Carolina 7
South Dakota 1
Tennessee 9
Texas 36
Utah 4
Vermont 1
Virginia 11
Washington 10
West Virginia 3
Wisconsin 8
Wyoming 1