The above data set presents the recent Covid-19 cases in numbers around the globe. In addition, in this first of such comparative articles on Covid-19 pandemic, this report compares two countries, United States and Vietnam. This is in no way comparing two diverse culture or economies or economic philosophies. However, this is being shared to compare supposedly one of the most industrialized nations affected the most by Covid-19 with supposedly one of the "third-world" country (as some "leaders" have termed this country over the years) least affected until now by Covid-19.

Note: There would be convoluted/corrupted minds, who could exploit this article as a means to judge the author's own philosophies on this front. However, the whole idea of presenting this article is to analyze based on data and reality rather than to tie to anyone's personal philosophy. For that matter, the author of this report has clearly stated in one of the earlier articles that we are in a global world where every "stated" and "registered" economic philosophies has gotten mixed up.

What evidence do we have to support this claim?

Here are a couple of examples, and there are many more you can find confirming global companies having manufacturing units in Vietnam.



a. (Article published in 2017 - who was the President then)



d. (Evil List)

What are we going to address in this article?

  • Can this data on Covid-19 be trusted?
  • If yes, why could there be such a marked difference in numbers?
  • Can "developed" nations such as US learn from a "developing" nation such as Vietnam?
  • What is the learning lesson for the global audience?

More soon....